Hop on; it’s going to be a wacky and wild ride.

And that’s just how Stage West’s Murder for Two was meant to be with stars Brandon Lambert and John Wascavage and their director J. Scott Lapp leading the charge.

If you haven’t caught the show yet, you better hurry because there is just a few weeks left of the off-Broadway musical hit and the chemistry between Lambert and Wascavage is not-to-be-missed.  Lambert portrays Officer Marcus Moscowicz, a small town cop while Wascavage plays a variety of quirky and kooky characters who are the suspects, naturally.

“Brendan and I learned the show together almost three years ago and from the very beginning from the first time we performed it you get a very clear sense of like the audience trying to hop aboard the train for the first 15 minutes,” Wascavage explains.

To be fair, it takes a few minutes to learn all of the different characters and their mannerisms and voices – but once the audience catches on, the enthusiasm spreads like wildfire.

“We’re throwing a lot of information at them, we’re throwing a lot of characters at them …so once it’s established, our job for the next hour and a half is to derail the train and have as much goofy fun as possible.”

And as much fun as it is for the audience, it is just as much fun for the actors, Wascavage says, especially as he played both male and female characters, which was a huge hit with audience members.

“It’s funny because the first time my parents saw me do this show they were like, ‘do you need to talk to someone, do all these people live in your brain, ‘do you have multiple personalities?”

He doesn’t – for the record – but he enjoys playing so many diverse characters with different personalities. In fact, he loves them all.

“The thing that I love about each character and since I’ve been doing this show for so long is that they grow and change with each production and they become heightened parts of me.”

While the show is definitely scripted there are also elements of improve, which makes the fun even more unpredictable. Warning: don’t let your cellphone ring during the performance unless you want to be included in the show.

Wascavage is magnificent in the show and if you think a production with only two actors would be, well boring; fear not. He is superb. Whether it’s considered a farce, comedy, a musical or a murder mystery, Murder for Two is a good time – and it helps that the actors know their way around a piano.

Stage West Murder for Two runs until September 3, 2017

Tickets available at stagewestcalgary.com

Next up for Stage West: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change  – September 8

Wascavage plays a variety of quirky characters, including Dhalia Whitney.