We all wish we had more time for this and more energy for that but at what point do we have to take things into our own hands? As an Aries, I often start many different projects that end up falling to the wayside once I find something shinier to focus on. I’ve started writing songs, learning to draw and planned to read more books for example but inevitably I don’t always have the time or energy to follow them through – and I know I’m not alone.

Whether it’s a DIY project, learning a new skill or language or even just taking more time for hobbies, we could all use a creative injection in our lives and sometimes we just need a little extra motivation to get started. Here are a few tips on how to follow through on those crazy, cool ideas and stay on track when you’re tired, bored or just lazy.

  1. Write it down – For one, this gives you a chance to explore your ideas and expand on them, perhaps even do some research before you get started. When I started attempting to write songs, I wasn’t a natural (and I’m still not!) and I started by diving into the mechanics of it and researching for information that would help me get started. Sure, I only ended up with one song written on a napkin somewhere but it was a damn good song, I swear! Just write it down, explore it and most of all, get excited about it.
  2. Share your idea with loved ones. I’m not saying you should shout your ideas from the rooftop but sharing your ideas with a friend or two will help give you some accountability to follow through while also giving you some much needed support. You want to make a pallet bed frame? Make it known and maybe you’ll have a friend who comes over and helps you finish it (Shout out to Teri!) over a few beers. It’s a good way to stay motivated because you’re not the only person who knows about it now, and they’re likely to ask how it’s going down the road.
  3. Have fun. Yep, this one is pretty simple but true; you gotta enjoy your ideas or you won’t follow through. If you’re not a person who reads books, you’re not going to want to read on per month. Find things you’re good at or just simply enjoy and have fun with them. If you don’t know what you enjoy then just try new things until you find one that sticks. Sometimes you don’t really know what you’ll enjoy until you try it.

We don’t have enough hours in the day as it is but it’s healthy to tap into your creative side once in awhile and follow through on some of those great ideas. As Albert Einstein once said, “creativity is intelligence having fun” – so get out there and have fun!